Agile Analytics explained

Why Agile Analytics?

Agile Analytics collects relevant data from your software development systems and translates it to clear dashboards

Agile Analytics provides objective, data-driven and concrete information on your teams’ well-being and performance

Agile Analytics allows you to make better decisions for your software teams and to get a grip on your projects

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How do you make decisions in your software development process ?

Let’s be honest: what do you base decisions on in your software development process? Do you use rock solid data or are decisions made based on feelings, opinions or authority? It’s probably the latter. And that’s such an unfortunate thing!


Grip on your software projects

Objective and data-driven information is an essential part of successful software teams. Agile Analytics collects all relevant data out of your software systems and translates it to clear dashboards with concrete information about your teams’ performance. So, you can get a grip on your software projects. The results? Well, the results will speak for themselves.

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Get relevant, data-driven insights

A collection of unique features

Each feature gives you a highly valuable insight on the productivity and progress of your software development team.


    Error Budgets

    • A real-time visualisation of the service level  

    • Focus on feature development as much as possible 

    • Actionable data for managing the reliability of your services

    • You build it, you run it


    Sprint Insights

    • Creates more focus and data-driven decisions in your team 

    • Provide clear insights in the feature development balance 

    • Automatically registers the time spent on feature versus not-feature work



    • Celebrate team achievements together

    • Reward each other with Kudos (🎈, ⭐️, 👍)

    • Have a little fun and recognize each other! (🎈, ⭐, 👍)


    Leaks & Stock

    • Get a clear insight in your teams’ software waste

    • Figure out where software stock is created

    • Automatically scan your Git repositories on ‘lost’ keys

    • Easily mark the key and solve the incident 

How does it work?

Connect your software development systems with Agile Analytics and receive real-time, data-driven analysis on your dashboard. Each feature gives you unique and essential insights in your software development process, so you can make sustainable choices for you team.

"Agile Analytics helps our teams make planning decisions to focus on features or, instead, spend more time on stability"
Jeroen Bultje
Development Manager at Maxeda DIY Group (Praxis, Brico)