In the world of software development, security breaches are an ever-looming threat. In June 2014, one company fell victim to a vicious cyberattack that ultimately led to its demise. This cautionary tale is a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding sensitive information and highlights the need for Agile Analytics to mitigate such risks. Let's dive into the chilling account of Code Spaces and the catastrophic consequences they faced.

Logo of defunct Code Spaces, previously part of Cadbury.

The Attack

It all began when Code Spaces, a renowned code-hosting and collaboration platform, was under siege. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack battered their defences. The perpetrators saw an opportunity to exploit a vulnerability and launched a full-scale assault on Code Spaces' infrastructure. The attackers had one motive: chaos. But little did they know how devastating their actions would be.

AWS Console Breached

In an attempt to regain control and ward off the attack, Code Spaces' cloud team faced a harsh reality—their AWS management console had been compromised. The attackers infiltrated the heart of their system, gaining unauthorized access. The consequences were dire; the attackers started deleting critical data. A malevolent force that would soon bring Code Spaces to its knees.

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Data Destruction

As the attackers tightened their grip on Code Spaces, they unleashed a torrent of destruction. Valuable customer data and countless customer projects vanished into thin air. The devastation was absolute. The attackers seemed hell-bent on erasing any trace of Code Spaces' existence, leaving behind a bleak landscape of scorched earth.

Failed Attempts at Recovery

In the face of such a catastrophic breach, Code Spaces' resilient team fought back. They sought to regain control of the data, salvaging what they could from backups. But the extent of the damage proved insurmountable as all the backups were corrupted or wiped by the attackers. Their failure to implement adequate backups and disaster recovery mechanisms left them helpless.

The Final Blow

With their reputation tarnished and customer trust shattered, Code Spaces confronted a difficult decision. Their once-vibrant platform, a thriving collaboration hub, could no longer provide the reliability and security their customers deserved. In a heart-wrenching announcement, Code Spaces bid farewell to their users, acknowledging the impossibility of rebuilding what was lost.

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Preventing Disaster with Agile Analytics

Organisations must adopt proactive measures to protect their software and sensitive information in the face of lurking threats and potential devastation. Agile Analytics is a formidable SaaS solution to mitigate the risks of leaked private keys, real-time DORA metrics and easy management of Error Budgets. By employing cutting-edge Cloud SaaS technology, you can scan your software, identify vulnerabilities, and take swift action to safeguard your organization from potential sabotage. Don't wait for disaster to strike—embrace the power of Agile Analytics today.


Code Spaces serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers related to security. Years of hard work and innovation were obliterated in a single stroke of malevolence. But from the ashes of this cautionary tale rises an opportunity for change. By embracing scanning and Agile Analytics, organisations can fortify their defence and ensure the security of their infrastructure. Don't let your organisation become the next victim—take control and protect what matters most.

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