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Software quality goes beyond functionality. Non-functional aspects like performance, reliability, and security are crucial. Our Agile Analytics SaaS platform offers a comprehensive solution to manage and measure these dimensions effectively. By leveraging DORA metrics and SRE Error Budgets, teams can optimise deployment, reliability, and security, while also monitoring software stock and detecting leaked private keys.

1. DORA Metrics: Measure Deployment Frequency and MTTR Agile Analytics SaaS integrates DORA Metrics, providing insights into deployment frequency and Mean Time between failure (MTTR). These metrics optimise software agility, adaptability, and recovery time, enabling data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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2. SRE Error Budgets: Enhancing Reliability The platform introduces SRE Error Budgets, defining acceptable error rates and quantifying software reliability. Monitoring error budgets allows proactive adjustments in planning and resource allocation to maintain reliability and enhance end-user satisfaction.

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3. Quantify Software "Stock" and Detect Leaked Private Keys. Agile Analytics SaaS introduces innovative metrics to measure software "stock" and detect leaked private keys. Quantifying software "stock" improves workflow efficiency, while detecting leaked private keys safeguards sensitive data and prevents security breaches.

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To excel in the digital landscape, software quality must prioritise non-functional aspects. The Agile Analytics SaaS platform empowers teams to optimise deployment, reliability, security, and workflow efficiency. By leveraging DORA Metrics and SRE Error Budgets, organisations can make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. Additionally, monitoring software "stock" and detecting leaked private keys ensures enhanced productivity and security. With Agile Analytics SaaS, automate your non-functional quality management and maximise your team’s ability to deliver!