Agile Analytics consists of unique features, that easily collect data-driven insights on the performance of your software development team. What does each feature tell you?

Let us explain!

Error Budgets

Deliver the promised service level

Your team is responsible for delivering a product or service on a specific service level. For example, hosting a website that has a loading time of less than 5 seconds and that is reachable 97% of the time.

Based on performance monitoring data, Error Budgets automatically measures if your delivered service is still on the expected level.


Create focus in agile software teams

If not, and the service gets below a certain level, a little bite is taken out of your Error Budget. Is the service level way too low? Then you will receive a notification from the Agile Analytics platform. Your team should then drop all feature work and focus on repairing the service level.

Error Budget is based on Google’s Site Reliability Engineering. This turns out to be a great instrument to shift focus in agile software development teams. It’s like a data-driven signal to your team about what’s most important at that moment.


Sprint Insights

Get serious about software waste

Do you have a balanced software development team? Do you know how much time your team spends on developing new features, and how much time on maintaining existing features? And how does your team feel about that?


Feature versus not-feature work

Sprint Insights will show you how feature and not-feature work are divided within your team. Our machine learning model indicates if a ticket is part of operations or a new feature. This way, your team finally get clear insights in possible software waste. Get ready for more focus!



Check the vibe in your team

Software development is a highly social, team sport. And healthy teams collaborate often and celebrate their successes as they come. But how do you know if those successes are celebrated and if your team is happy?


Have a little fun together !

With the Kudos feature, you can check the vibe in your software development team. Reward your team members with a Kudo (🎈,⭐, 👍) and congratulate each other on personal and joint achievements. If you want, you can even keep score using leaderboards.


Leaks & Stock

Easily manage the status of leaked keys

Like losing the keys to your car or house, but possibly with worse outcomes, losing API or private keys can have a huge negative impact on your organisation. With the Leaks feature, Agile Analytics scans your Git repositories on ‘lost’ keys. If you find one, you can easily figure out what happened, block the lost key and solve the incident.


Get a clear insight on software waste

Having a very high software stock costs your business a lot of money. Are you aware of your software stock and waste? How many development changes are scheduled, but not executed yet? With Stocks, you get a clear observation of your software development stock and how productive your team is working on it. If your stock gets too high, you will get a notification. Stock also shows you on which projects there should be a bit more focus on delivery.  


The DORA metrics

Measure software performance effectively

Developing software is an intense job. And it’s often difficult to tell what’s happening in all the systems and tools that we use to develop. But measuring and understanding how your team is performing is essential for running a successful software business. Why? Because you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Dora-metrics-illustration (1).webp

Build better software

So, meet the DORA metrics: Deployment Frequency, Lead Time for Changes, Mean Time to Recovery and Change Failure Rate. These four metrics tell you everything you need to know about your software operational performance and delivery. And are crucial to build a happier team. The best news? You can easily measure them with Agile Analytics.

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